Some CYA stuff here.

I am not affiliated with, nor endorsed by ThinkGeek or any subsidiary thereof. This is just me, doing my Geeky Thing.

I don’t make a cent from this project.

With the exception of photos taken with cosplayers at conventions and other places, in which I have received permission to take Timmy’s photo with them, I do my best to keep Timmy alone in his pics, so if you see yourself in one of my photos please be assured it was purely by accident; you just happened to walk by at the right (wrong?) time. Please contact me if you’d like me to edit/take down the photo.

Cosplayers, if you manage to find your photo here with the monkey, I will gladly link to your official social media so others can find out how awesome you are. Just drop me a line with the appropriate info and I will get the credit up asap.

Of course, if you’d rather I not feature your photo with Timmy, also drop me a line, and I will take down the photo asap.