Time travelling with Timmy.

“Time travelling” in the sense that we spend time travelling together. Of course, as many of the places we tend to visit are Old, we can very well say “time travelling” in the Back to the Future, through a wormhole intersecting a solar flare, sling-shotting around the sun, flying ‘backwards’ around the world really fast sense, too.

So why travel?

Timmy is the ThinkGeek monkey. Back in the day, every year prior to SDCC, ThinkGeek would put out the call to cosplayers and costume-makers: make us a costume for Timmy for SDCC! And people would send in the coolest creations, and ThinkGeek would post a slew of pics of Timmy wearing them.

In 2013, I had the opportunity to go to Italy with my family, and in the months leading up to the trip I had the wackiest idea: why not take Timmy with me? One can buy a Timmy plushie from TG, after all.

I bought a Timmy plushie, I bought a sewing machine, and I bought fabric. I made two outfits for the monkey: a Roman centurion and a Roman senator. My family in Italy were over the moon when I showed them, and I didn’t even have to explain anything. “Oddio! Un antico Romano!” they exclaimed, which in English is basically, “OMG AN ANCIENT ROMAN!!!” The important thing here: THEY GOT IT.

Heck, my tour-guide was more excited about it than I was, and she kept saying, “give me the monkey, you need to take a picture here.

When I returned Canada-side, ads for Fan Expo were already on TV. Of course, you know what I had to do. And I did it. Three costumes, this time. Malcolm Reynolds, An X-Wing Pilot, and RotJ Luke Skywalker, complete with glove and green lightsabre.

2014 saw Bilbo Baggins and Link added to the mix, and now Timmy comes with me everywhere when I travel. Even if he’s only in his civilian clothing (read: his ThinkGeek T-Shirt). We take pictures. We post them online.

At Fan Expo in 2016 I had a couple of folks ask me if “the monkey has social media” and it honestly never occurred to me to actually do anything outside of posting photos on Facebook.

So that’s what this is.

I plan to do build-threads/behind-the-scenes posts when I remember to take pictures during the sewing process, but mostly this blog will be me sharing Timmy’s exploits as I haul his cute little monkey-butt wherever life takes me.

I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do.