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When I was choosing costumes for this year, I tried to go for ones with easier ensembles, as I was starting incredibly late.

Harry Potter was one of them, since shirt, pants, tie, vest – I’ve done them all for other costumes.The tie was a special case of insanity, and the story behind its creation is a long one, so it will get its own post.

I tried to see if previously-made clothing could be substituted, but I wasn’t happy with the way the white button-down shirt from last year turned out, and I didn’t have black pants.

So those were the first to get done.

No photos of the pants, sorry! They’re black. They look nice!  ;D

Then came the cloak. I made a style choice which was difficult to sort out with this: the actual cloaks have house-coloured linings to them. The hoods are completely lined, but depending on your source (movie, or which costume replica you choose) the rest is either lined entirely, or only along the edge, from lapels to hem.

It was easier to line the whole thing, so I went with that. I used Peel ‘N’ Stick Fabric Fuse double-sided tape for the final seams.

I ended up misjudging where to attach the hood, so I had to fix it after the fact.

Since the lining doesn’t show a seam between hood and coat, I decided to fudge it by using the double-sided tape to affix a piece of lining over it.

For the details, I found some lovely monkey-sized stickers at JLynnPaperCo; I ordered them rather late, so I wasn’t sure if they’d arrive in time. Thankfully, they got here with more than several days to spare!

I had 2 sizes to choose from; we went with the smaller of the two.

I used the fabric tape to reinforce the sticky.

I made him a vest, but as I wasn’t sure how I was going to go about the trim around the hem and sleeves, I decided to skip it for now, since the vests and sweaters seem to be optional (see: Care of Magical Creatures, Prisoner of Azkaban movie. Harry and a few of the other boys aren’t wearing their vests).

I was going to employ the services of my dad for a wand and glasses, but alas, we ran out of time. We’ll have to finish it off for next year!

See y’all at Hogwarts!