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So this year’s Fan Expo costumes all have a cape of some kind. Well, insofar as a hooded cloak or robe can be called a cape, at any rate.

My main issue was the “hooded” part, since cloaks are fairly simple, and the robe part is a modified coat.

My original idea for how to make a hood was….let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

I was kind of on the right track, but I’d stitched the wrong side and as you can see it was a mess.

So I pulled out my Google-fu and looked up doll cloak patterns.

All the hoods were similar in design so I chose the least complicated version and worked on sizing it to fit Timmy’s head.

After that, the process was pretty easy.

Here’s the Jedi cloak, all done up:

I’ll have more words on the individual pieces, and their creation, when I chat about the relevant costume 🙂