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Yep, I went and left things to the very last minute this year. I’d meant to get things rolling back in May, but it was a rough month. Then around the time I’d been seriously planning on starting near the beginning of June, we had company show up, which meant keeping the sewing supplies hidden for the weekend. I finally got it all set up last week, and my first order of business was to sort out this whole jacket thing.

While handling Timmy’s Pilot jacket back in May, I realized that out of all of the coats and blazers and jackets, it fit the nicest, and couldn’t I use it to make up a better pattern than I’d been using?

I grabbed the fabric remaining from the Centurion under-shirt I’d made, turned the pilot jacket inside out, and laid it as flat as I could on top of the fabric. Then I traced around it, about 1/4″ away to account for the hems and seams.

For the spacing of each seam, I decided to use the width of the foot, running the edge of the fabric to the inside, leaving the seam to be stitched more evenly further in, with no guess-work on anything.

This gave me a nice amount to open and flatten. Then it was a matter of measuring how much to fold up for the hems.

For under the sleeves, I used a pen to mark the outer edge of the foot beyond each seam line, and placed a dot on the inside where the needle touched down, so I could mark my lines for where to stop and turn the fabric while maintaining my 1-foot width.

Once it was all stitched, I trimmed everything up before turning it inside out.

It was a little snug on Timmy, and I have an idea on how to work the collars for T-shirts. But all-in-all, it was a major step in the right direction.

Cutting the front down the center was enough to prove that there wasn’t enough material to do a proper hem along the edge and still have it close nicely, so I took that into account when I transferred the original pattern to graph paper, and I added 1/2″ to the inside-fold on the front piece.

Stitched up, it’s now too big, as-is, but once the front was cut down the center and the remaining edged sewn, it fits really nicely. For longer lengths, I just need to extend the bottom the desired amount.

This covers the Jedi robe, so I can start on that next, along with the pants for that outfit. I need to double-check the tunics and then see how this current pattern needs to be modified to work with the wrapped look that I’ll need.

I’ll also have to remember that the robe sleeves are a little wider than normal, so when I stitch the seam together, I’ll have to move it further out to maybe half a foot. I have ideas on the hood, as well, and that’ll take care of the collar.

So excited!