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I meant to post this on Star Wars Day, since it was a Thursday, and coincided with TBT, but alas, the day got away from me, and then the week was gone, and now here we are, two weeks after the fact. Sadface.

The third and final costume for Fan Expo 2013 was the Rebel Pilot. I’m incredibly proud of this costume, as it is the most complex out of all the costumed I’ve made so far, in terms of, well, everything.

I went off numerous promo shots of Mark Hamill in his ESB pilot outfit for the details, and I was faced with some interesting production dilemmas. The one that vexxed me the most was the white vest. I had no idea how I was going to get that layered texture, and after twisting fabric around six ways from Sunday, I finally trampled upon a solution.

I used white fabric trim, and glued strips together with fabric glue, each strip nestled inside the fold of the piece above it. Once it was dry, I cut out two pieces that were the rough shape of the vest (one front, one back), and then used more trim to cover the sides, extending it out and around to make the shoulder straps and belt of the harness.

The leg harness was done with ribbed, grey trim, which was folded in half and glued. One end was sewn to the front of the vest harness, to make the whole thing a 1-piece rig. There are two snaps that hold it all on: one to attach the leg harness to the back of the vest, and one to attach one side of the belt to the back vest.

The helmet is a styrofoam ball, slightly larger than Timmy’s head, that’s been hollowed out and trimmed to the shape of a rebel pilot helmet. I can’t remember what I made the top ridge out of, but the whole thing is covered and sealed with an epoxy and microballoons mixture. The visor is a small piece of lexan plastic, sprayed with transparent orange polycarbonate paint. I cut out the Rebel Alliance symbols from red stickers, and used trim tape for all the striping. You can’t see the side-markings in these pics, but they were cut out of a carbon-fibre-print decal sheet.

The life support system is a tiny balsa box, painted appropriately, with black stretchy cord. The hose is a beaded necklace that I cut a length out of, and painted grey. And yes, the jacket collar is stuffed with pillow stuffing. The items on his utility belt are also beads, painted grey and epoxied on.