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I said a couple of posts ago that I was cutting this close, so the fact that I’m able to get this post out before I head off is a miracle. I won’t have time to post a fashion show of the outfits before I head out, so you’ll have to wait for the shots I take out in the field, next week.

This one is image heavy, so beware if you’re on a slower connection.

Let’s talk hats.

It took me a few days of pondering this one over before I came up with this idea. It then took me two tries to get it right. If I’d had the time, I would’ve done one more attempt on the fedora, but what I have is going to work well with the costume.

I used cardboard pilfered from work for the framework. I cut out a few circles of paper until I found a size close enough to fit Timmy’s head; I transferred it to the cardboard sheet and trimmed it until it sat nicely. Then I measured and cut around the outside for the basic shape of the brims.

For the upright portions of the hat I used the pieces of cardboard that are used in Testor’s glue cartons to separate the tubes. I had 2 widths of these, the narrower for the fedora and the wider one for the top hat. I curled them gently with my fingers, and needed to use 2 pieces for each hat. I started with a circular shape, and for the fedora I pinched one end to get the signature, slightly oval shape. I left the top had round.

Starting with the brims, I traced them out onto the fabric. I sewed two pieces of fabric together around the outside edge, leaving a hole to flip the thing inside out, and to stuff the cardboard into. Before inserting the brim, I re-traced the inside hole so I would have a reference point for sewing.

I closed up the open end by folding the flaps over and under each other (bottom flap up first, top flap down second, so the seam ended up on the bottom of the brim), using Modge Podge to glue them down. Then I stuck it back under the machine and sewed up along the inner edge.

And then I cut out the center.

For the tops, I traced out around the shapes onto the fabric, then free-hand traced another line ~1.8″ away from it. This second line was my cutting line, so I would have a bit of fabric for the foot to hold down while I sewed. I then measured a piece of fabric around the top shape to get the length, then cut it at a width about ~1/4″ below the lower edge of the hat.

And then came the patient sewing around the edges.

I sewed the two ends together where they met; this would be the back of the hat.

I flipped them inside out and then fit the cap over the tops, and then used Modge Podge to glue the extra fabric to the inside.

I used 5-minute epoxy to glue the tops to the brims, and once it was dry, I measured out lengths of black trim, and used the epoxy to fasten the ends to the hats. For the fedora, I squished the fronts ends together a little more, to get closer to the desired effect.

And that’s it! I like how the top hat turned out and, as previously mentioned, I wish I had more time to perfect the fedora, but it works the way it is!