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I did the pants for the Alcatraz uniform ages ago, and now I’m about 80% done with the shirt (no pics, sorry! Figured they weren’t necessary, since it’s the same pattern as all the others). Collar, buttons, and pockets need doing.

I was planning on painting some buttons blue, but I’m just going to go with the darker ones I have in my possession, since they look okay with the shirt, and the contrast with the fabric colour is nice.

The only thing I was stressing over was getting “USP Alcatraz” onto the back of the shirt. I thought maybe those transfer letters one uses for scrap-booking might work, but they didn’t come in the right font or size. Heck, I’d have been okay with stickers and then Modge Podge’ing over them, but again, sizing was an issue. My only other recourse was painting or markers. My dad picked up a fabric marker for me, which I was a little apprehensive about; the last time I tried using one, it bled so badly that it ruined the piece and I had to re-make it.

But this one seems to work just fine:

Also, my stripy fabric from Fabric.com arrived far sooner than I expected it to, so I was able to knock together the second uniform. No hat this time, though, because I already have enough to do, and not a lot of time to do it.

Unfortunately, this fabric is of the very stretchy variety, and I really dislike working with it. I always have to remember not to pull on it as it goes though the machine, or it’ll stretch out of shape. I don’t like trusting my machine that much, as it likes to chew up fabric or get stuck in spots sometimes.

Not pictured here is the fact that the shirt ended up being too long on the solid piece, possibly for the aforementioned reason. I re-did the whole thing, but this time I shortened the pattern on the fold by one square, and instead of making it so there’d be a closure on the back, I just did a solid shirt. I haven’t tried it on Timmy yet, but held up to the original it is definitely smaller around the middle, so I’m not worried.

And it’s stretchy, so it should be okay 🙂

Pictures of both once the blue shirt is done!