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Okay, so here we are, crunch time and I’ve got lots of fiddly little stuff to do. I hate the fiddly stuff because it’s so varied and there’s no real way to organize it all. Am I doing buttons? Fantastic, buttons on everything. ALL THE BUTTONS. Snaps, and closures? NO PROBLEM.

Accessories? Oka….wait, what? We only need 1 of these? Oh dear….

Yep, the one-offs are probably the worst of everything, because you need to switch gears every time you complete one. It can leave one reeling and disoriented, to say the least.

But anyhow, let’s back-track, since I haven’t been keeping you quite up to date.

So, the vest for the Victorian tux needed an overhaul, as the original pattern I’d tried was far too large. So I modified the pattern I was using for the shirts, figuring that a vest and a shirt are usually similar in fit, anyway.

And, of course, I had to test it out on scrap fabric before committing.

I got smart, finally, and learning from my past inside-out woes, started marking my insides so I would make sure I put things together correctly. And the “fold over” instruction is because I was cheating on the hem-line for that part of the design; I sewed another piece of the fabric behind it, trimmed it close to the seam, and then flipped it inside out, so the pocket it formed was on the inside.

And here it is:

That collar does look loopy, but the tie will be covering it, so I’m not worried.

Sorry for no pics on the following stuff. I could’ve sworn I took some, but I cannot seem to find them on my SD card :/

I did the tux jacket much the same way as the gangster coat, but instead of doing the whole thing doubled, I just went with it along the seams, so the jacket wouldn’t look so bulky. I used hem-tape to hold down the fold-overs, and now I just have to add the buttons to it.

I didn’t have any gold buttons for the vest, nor did I have white buttons for the shirt, so I took fourteen from my stash (six for the vest, eight for the shirt), pinned them to some balsa wood, and painted them: Testor’s gold (#1144) and Tamiya flat white (XF-2).

Needed two coats on the white, but the gold went on solid the first time.

I lamented the fact that I didn’t have any gold thread to sew the buttons to the vest, but then I had the brain-wave of grabbing my cross-stitch floss and seeing if I had something that would work. Turns out that DMC680 works really well and looks good with the gold, despite it being more brown in colour than gold.

I’m in the middle of assembling the top hat, and as soon as it’s done I will post how I did that (I did take pics for this!), and then give you a shot with the entire finished ensemble.