Quick Update


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Sorry for the delay in updating our Fan Expo exploits. I have the two behind-the-scenes posts typed up and ready for photo insertion, but the number of photos needing editing so they’ll show up correctly in the post had me putting it off until I had time.

Of course, that ended up morphin into weeks, and then Real Life ended up happening, and the NaNoWriMo came and went, and here we are in December.

I will be looking into reviewing what I need for the queued posts, and getting them sorted out, as well as the final two posts for bopping around Fan Expo.

And then I can move on to some of Timmy’s travels during the intervening period of time between Fan Expo and now.

See you soon!


Yer a Wizard, Timmy


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When I was choosing costumes for this year, I tried to go for ones with easier ensembles, as I was starting incredibly late.

Harry Potter was one of them, since shirt, pants, tie, vest – I’ve done them all for other costumes.The tie was a special case of insanity, and the story behind its creation is a long one, so it will get its own post.

I tried to see if previously-made clothing could be substituted, but I wasn’t happy with the way the white button-down shirt from last year turned out, and I didn’t have black pants.

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Fan Expo Re-Cap – Day 1 (Thursday)


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So Fan Expo was this past weekend (Aug. 31-Sept 3), and while the schedule was a little lean for my interests, it was still a blast. It was a rather easy-going year, which was a nice change of pace from previous years. It gave me more opportunity to focus on taking photos, at any rate, as I didn’t spend nearly as much time in line-ups as I did last year.  I’m hoping to write up a full con-report on my personal blog at some point before I forget details, so if you want the nitty gritty, you’ll find it there.

Otherwise, we’ll begin with Timmy’s exploits here, and continue in a mini-series of posts, one for each day of the convention. Basically there will be a post of in-the-field shots for each costume, followed by the behind-the-scenes post to go with it a day or two later.

If you don’t care about commentary, and just want to see the photos, the full album is here.

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Checking In

Sorry for the radio silence. Had a bit of an Introvert Meltdown earlier this month, on top of hitting the ground running on some new costumes for this year’s Fan Expo. I started the costuming incredibly late this year, so I’ve been spending most of my time working on them.

I have been taking snaps as I go, but as the stuff I’ve been working on has been stuff previously covered (pants, shirts, etc.) I decided to skip reporting on those.

I do have 2 posts started – on for a new clothing piece, the other for the first of the three costumes – but haven’t actually sat down to finish them.

I will try and find the time in the next couple of weeks, but as Fan Expo is just under two weeks away and I have quite a bit of work to do, I might not be able to get them up before then.

See you guys soon!

Night of Writing Dangerously 2017


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(Timmy and I at NOWD 2016)

Back in June I got an email from NaNoWriMo informing me that the time to raise funds for The Night of Writing Dangerously was nigh upon us.

I admit that I was completely torn, knowing that getting back to San Francisco might not be in the budget this year. I created the page anyway, and after 21 days of sitting on it, I’ve decided to go for it.

If I hit the minimum goal for RSVP ($275 before August 1, $300 after), I will figure out the logistics of making it to the event; if I don’t, them I won’t have to. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, after all.

So here’s the official link to donate to NOWD, and help me raise funds for NaNo’s Young Writer’s Program.


If you can’t donate, please help spread the word!


Take Me Out to the Ball Game…


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Few weekends back, I got the opportunity to go to a Jays game with my mom, my aunt, a couple of cousins, and some friends. I was dumb in that I’d known about this outing for at least a month or two before hand, and it never ocurred to me to make Timmy a jersey or ball cap. Once Fan Expo stuff has been taken care of, you better believe I’ll be fixing that.

The game was against the Yankees, and we ended up losing, alas.

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